One man's junk is another man's gold (but its still junk if its on the internet).

Update 07-06-15: Woah, what happend here? Almost two years without an update. I should fire my webpage guy. Few new things are coming up soon, sorry.
Update 07-08-15: Took care of that redirect that was stopping my images from displaying when you clicked on them. That was a pain in the ass. The one counter I had used since 2005 had been hacked or something. Pulled the code. Problem Solved.
Update 07-09-15: Added a Bolt Action section and updated the Space Wolves section.
Update 07-13-15: Put up some pictures on the scenery page for Bolt Action section.
Update 07-20-15: Fantastic start to my Bolt Action army!!!

It's been years... The Plan
My foray into the internet started YEARS ago. Mostly to keep myself entertained and hopefully get my stuff out where people can see it. If you're here... it's working.

The last two websites are still up there (see the links on the right). Mostly whatever garbage I had sitting around. Of course I ended up not keeping up on the sites. They haven't been edited in a long time. Time - as in years. Utter crap would be the term to discribe them. I think of them as web museums. They'll never get fixed. =)

Anyway. I'm going to end up doing the same thing with this website. So be entertained for now... Will it last?
I'm keeping this site a bit more visually simple. My second website has a cool (by Victorian Standards) navigation bar on the left side. Thing is, once I needed to add a new section, I had to create a new image to use on the bar. As screen resolutions became larger my navbar became smaller. Too much work! No flashy stuff like... ummm... Flash. Simple, like myself.

All spelling mistakes are the fault of my 1980's public school education. If you spot any (and you should be able too), email me. Any questions? Ask away.
Cool Stuff Cafe Press Stuff
Look what I won at the 2007 Baltimore GT. Old news, but I'm still proud.
Here is the stuff I have up on CafePress...
Image Image Image Image
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