Me, myself and I.

AshHammer, the man, the myth, the... legend?
Hobby - I've been playing GW games since I was in my early teens. Now, in my early thirties (where did the time go?), I'm finding that the hobby has grown beyond where I thought it would go. No more am I the only player within an hour drive. There is a whole bunch of Nerdy Types out there now. I mainly play 40K and its satellite games. I have been know to dally with Fantasy, but I find myself disappointed each time. Its not the games fault or the players. I just don't enjoy the game. If you read our forum, you'll see me drop some verbal graffiti along the lines of "Ha! Squares!" once in a while. Can't let those pantaloon wearing elitists get off without some abuse. Not even one plasma cannon or directed energy weapon in the whole game. Tisk.
Hobby Works - Some of my stuff floats around the Internet. I hardly see it, so I know you never will. I did get a picture of my Crimson Fist Dreadnought in the White Dwarf a few years back. It was for the 1999 Grand Tournament. I'll have to find the issue number. That's right! THE White Dwarf. I'm a Superstar! Why yes, you can touch my hands. I don't think the skill will rub off on you, peasant.
Job - Over on the left side of the page is a link to my CafePress store (hint, hint!) with the blurb over it saying "...and pay the rent". What I do for a living is fun, but pays about as well as fun jobs do. I work for Beachwood Canvas Works in New Jersey. That site took us almost eight years to finish. I know it sounds bad, but there are over 5000 product pictures that I (or someone else) had to take. I use 21st century computer aided tools and machines to recreate items for antique military vehicles. Helping to keep alive what I think is the greatest/most horrific time in our history brings me great satisfaction. 60 years worth of technology and its still done best with a skilled person and an industrial sewing machine. We also do current military contracts (which believe me, are more work than you know). If any of you current military guys fly Blackhawks, you may have used one of our Black Out Curtains. If you do, don't lose it! We have to work our butts off to make them. Hey! I'm unemployed due to... well, I'm not getting into it. Hire me please!?! I'll work for pewter toys (and money. There has to be lots of money).
Education - If you can't tell by reading my site, I am not a skilled writer. I finished High School like most of the smart kids of my generation... with so-so to bad grades. Not wishing to prolong my education I entered a Tech School to become a CADD Draftsman. The school I went to wasn't the best (its closed now and I pass it once a week waiting for it to be torn down so I can pee on it's ashes), but I have a slip of paper around here somewhere that says I know my stuff. College would have been a good idea (Be Cool, stay in school kids!). Mostly for the drinking, sex and parties. Alas, I figured that if I was going to pay thousands of dollars over several years to party I might as well get a job and spend the money on other things. Stupid me.
Social Life - Apart from a very small group of very close friends (You know who you are. You still owe me money too.) I don't have one. 50 to 60 hour work weeks (or 35 hour weeks when I have no car) added to the fact that I have no social-drive mean I see myself as the male version of the crazy old lady with all the cats in the future. Save me! If you're a sexy single young girl turned on by older men who paint toy soldiers... seek out the nearest psychologist now. You still have time to save yourself.
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