Warhammer 40,000

Treadhead Terror!
I have to rework this idea due to the new Guard Codex and 5th edition rules changes. Its still workable in Apocalypse...
1850 points of Cadian Armour and a few Super Heavies too.
Ever since the first list for the Armoured Company came out I've had to do one. Armour models are the most fun for me to convert. A simple out of the box Leman Russ is a (semi) fun build and an easy paint. You can then take it to extremes.
My HQ is the Leman Russ Exterminator. With this puppy I get 3 Heavy Bolters, a twin linked autocannon and a pintle mounted heavy stubber. Add in the 4 BS and this guy messes up the day for those weak armoured units. Orks, other Guardsmen, Eldar Guardians and Space Marine Scouts HATE this tank. 14 dice all hiting on a 3+ (with ones being rerolled because of my doctrines), wounding most troops on a 3+ and no saves. Evil.
Backing up the Command Tank is a pair of Leman Russ Exterminators to worry my opponents with. If I can't kill off a whole big mob of orks in one turn with three of these guys, then I'm not going to win the game anyway.
My Tank Ace drives a Leman Russ Vanquisher. This tank is the be all and end all of long range tank killers. With the AP of between 10 and 20 (average of 15, one better than the Land Raiders armour) it can scare anything short of the Necron Monolth.
Backing up the Tank Ace is a pair of regular Leman Russ Tanks. This is a lot of firepower to kill off vehicles.
My Fast Attack selection goes to the newly improved Hellhound. The old version had an area of effect of 20". It moved 12" and shot out its little 8" template. The new one can effect an area of up to 30". That includes shooting its heavy bolter and heavy stubber. Grrrrrrr!
The last item in my 1850 point force is an armoured Basilisk. With the indirect fire option, I rule the back end of the enemies deployment zone. If you get too close (which means you've bypassed six MBT's and a flamethrower) I just crank down the barel an nail you over open sights.
For LARGE games I have the option of a scratch built Baneblade, a 2nd series Armorcast Baneblade or a very nice Forgeworld Stormblade. To my sorrow, these guys don't get out much. The Tech-priests do the ritualistic "Cleansing of the Dust" once in a while.
Update: Well, not much new to show you guys. I've been working on a few dozen projects at the same time. So I'm not getting anything done. I did manage to pick up some reinforcements.
Update: 6/8/08 - Some work in progress pictures of my Armoured Company. New plastic Baneblade and my first Squadron of the 'Emperor's Fist' Tank Company.

Imperial Guard Baneblade "Colossus"

Image Image Image Image Image

Imperial Guard 'Emperor's Fist' Tank Squadron

Image Image Image Image
Update: 7/31/08 - My "Steel Fury" Baneblade Company. "Yarrick's Faith", "Imperial Glory" and "Colossus". Woe to my Apocalypse opponents now.
Fairly simple conversions for all three. I just matched what I did for "Colossus". Other than that, pretty much staight out of the box.
I had a problem with the tracks though. They had a mold line running down the sides that looked pretty bad. So I ended up filing down all the track pins in order to get rid of it. That ment I had to remake all the pin heads. Blargh! There are 146 visible pins (not hidden by the side skirts) on these beasts. So I cut out my 450 or some odd little disks from a plastic rod. Thats the kind of fun involved in modeling. =)
The Baneblades all got heavy stubbers to supe up the firepower (because you need the extra three dice in Apocalypse). I wanted to make them a little different from one to another. So, simple is the best form, I just made the ammo box closed, open all the way and out of the box standard. So... now all I have to do is paint the bloddy things...
Step one. A coat of thined down Mordian Blue. Second coat to follow.
The Steel Fury company was formalised by Van Cjester, a celebrated Colonel of Armour whose teachings were codified in the Tactica Imperium. Van Cjester's 'Differential Theorem of Dispersed Attrition' states that where the power of a single tank is equal to its enemy, two such tanks are three times more so. This is because the single tank is not only outgunned by a factor of two, but must also kill twice its number of enemies in order to survive.
Van Cjester died when his Baneblade was ground beneath the foot of a traitor titan at the Battle of Ununpentia Gorge. He was declared a Sanctus Militarus three centuries later. His feast day is 501 terra standard, a date celebrated by many armoured regiments of the Imperial Guard.