Warhammer 40,000

You are but one cog of many in the Great Machine. Though small, you are still important. Important, but not irreplaceable.
Pictures at the bottom.
I wanted to take an Imperial Guard Army to the 2000 Grand Tournament. Not being interested in taking the same army as all the other players, I had to find something "Different".
I have always been interested in the Adeptus Mechanicus. The strong red and gray color scheme sticks out on a table. The background is more interesting than any old Space Marine Chapter. Imagine an entire galaxy spanning civilization dedicated to rediscovering lost knowledge from when mankind was in its golden era. Of course, they're not going to share it with anyone. Holy Knowledge shouldn't be wasted on the uninitiated.
I also figured it would be the perfect excuse for finishing my Armorcast Reaver Titan. I didn't finish it. The axes (that are all over the epic model) weren't to my taste. So I ended up taking the time to remove them. I think I have one leg done... Go figure, me not follow through. Maybe I'll have too now. It'll look cool surrounded by my Mech troops.

Army History

I started building my AM around about the time the Armageddon World Campaign started. The Steel Legion models looked just right for Skitarii (Tech Guard). My fluff had the based on a smaller Knight World, Kurganswold, that is trapped behind a small warp storm called the "Red Gate". The warp storm runs a lot like Old Faithful on Ancient Earth. Every five years the "Red Gate" would drop and the manufactorums work for the last five years would be in massive orbital shuttles waiting. The Imperium would be on the other side of the gate with warships and cargo convoys.
Along with weapons, tanks and industrial machinery of all shape and sizes would be the Kurganswold Explorator Fleet. Depending on the needs of the Magos in charge, this fleet could be massive or just a few small corvettes and a troop transporter.
Magos Alecsandar (think me in a funny red hat) is charged with locating any information on locating STC data. Other than that commandment, he is free to do whatever he wants. His small force is made up of mostly low level Skitarii Infantry (recruits without all the expensive bionic upgrades), Chimera Transports, a Leman Russ and an Ancient Land Raider said to be modified by Technoarchaeologist Arkhan Land himself after returning from the Librarius Omnis on Mars.

Army Makeup

These days my Mechanicus don't get to show up in full force. They are played with the Deamonhunter rules.
Through the help of some very good friends I managed to get the Limited Edition Adeptus Mechanicus models from the Skulz program at GW. This set was a must have for me. It was sculpted by the Perry Twins and also happened to be the most characterful miniatures sculpted since the old Rogue Trader days. At least to my eyes. So my Magos is an Inquisitor Lord with two Familiars (one is the little cute guy on his base and the other is an old Squat Servitor), two Combat Servitors, Two Sages, Two Mystics and an Acolyte. They also go into battle in my converted Land Raider.
My Two troop selections are made up from Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. They represent the better equipped Skitarii. One ten-man squad used for close in work and a seven-man squad used for supporting the ten-man squad. Some times they ride in Chimera's.
The other troops used to build up the human shield, ahem, valiant defenders of the Machinegod are my Armageddon Steel Legion models. There are a lot of them. At the moment (even though the army is years old) I'm going back to the squads and adding a Mechanicus Logos to the right arms of each guy. The one GT I took them to had a base army of 1200 points and two 500 point armies you could swap out from game to game. So I have over 2000 points of them now. I had a bit more, but my Salamander Command Vehicle and a Medusa Siege Gun died a horrible death on the back window of my car in better than 100-degree weather. I was rather put off by that. It sort of tolled the death knell for this army. I just couldn't bring myself to rebuild the two models. GW also made the rules for the FW models illegal for tournament play. So a good third of my force was unplayable by that standard. =(
My Fast Attack is a trio of Sentinels. They have the Armoured Crew Compartment to make them look more robust. Unfortunately it also makes them expensive points wise.
My heavy selection is a Leman Russ. Nothing fancy. Just some basic conversion work.

The Future

The next possible step in my force would be to design a more "Fluff" styled army. With the "Lost and the Damned" army list I can build a very strange force. Big mutants would work as Praetorians, mutants with the bloated or burly mutation as servitors, Traitors as Skitarii and Chaos Marines as Tech Priests (power armour, bolt weapons and power weapons). I can also make "Test Bed" type vehicles around the Defiler, Russ's or Basilisk stat lines too. Also someday.
I'm also going to paint my Redemptionists to make a semi-passable Tech-Priestly "rabble". Tech students maybe?


Here are some pictures I have of my Mechanicus Army. I'll take more shots in the near future (say, five years or so.)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Today, there are no towers as high as the spires of Mars, no cities greater than the hives of Mars, and no men more devoted to the pursuit of knowledge than the Tech-Priests of Mars.
Mars is the greatest and most populous world in the entirety of the galaxy-spanning Imperium. Sprawling hives climb miles into the Martian sky and their foundations delve hundreds of miles into the core of the planet itself. In many ways Mars is less of a planet and more of the greatest space vessel ever. Orbital factories circle its globe, their ceaseless industry forming a glowing halo around the red planet.
Above the equator vast space docks float in geo-stationary orbit, for this is the home of the mightiest fleet in the Imperium, the Battlefleet Solar. Untold tens of billions of human souls live on the ancient world. They are the people of the Cult Mechanicus and the devoted servants of its technarcane Machine God.
Mars is the homeworld of the Tech-Priests, the ruling class of the Cult Mechanicus. Throughout the galaxy there are many other worlds that belong to the Tech-Priests, planets whose people also form part of the huge and powerful organization. These other planets are called Forge Worlds and Knight Worlds, and though none are as ancient or powerful as Mars, each has its hives and factories, its industries and its cavernous temples to the Machine God.
Each of these worlds is a colony of the Tech-Priests, controlled by its own Techno-Magi and responsible for its own affairs. However, the ultimate loyalty of all the cult members is to the Cult Mechanicus itself, and to its masters on the planet Mars.
But this was not always so.