AT-43 Trailers

Fairly simple repaint.
I picked up two sets of the AT-43 scenery sets with the two trailers and little barricade walls. I didn't do anything with them for a while until a text message from my brother reminded me of them. "Wouldn't Intermodal Containers be cool as scenery?", he texted. 45 min later...
Image Image Image Image
All i did was to spray paint it with some red/brown primer (left over from painting my Brothers Realm of Battle). After the primer was dry I stippled Macharius Solar Orange foundation paint over the model with the GW tank brush. Then I drybrushed all the edges to define the overall shape better. Once that was done I simply washed it with Devlan Mud all over and a little Badab Black on the top four corners.
Once its all done (and it warms up over 40°F here), I'll hit it with a layer of gloss and then flat spray sealer. DONE!
I have three more to do. I may do two more the same and the last one will maybe have some of the original paint left on it. Any sugestions for what to make it?
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