Warhammer 40,000

Must crush CAPITALISM!!!
Little Soviet Imperial Guardsmen...
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Just a quick picture so that you guys don't think I'm dead. Along with a simple reference image I googled up for you. He's missing the helmet, so I googled that too. The SSH60 that was made up until the 60's I think.
The current plan is to build a squad or two, a Chimera conversion (BMP-C) and a Leman Russ Conversion (Leman Ru-55).
I don't want to get to far ahead and be hit with a new codex and lose out on a lot of stuff for 5th Edition. Since every model in the force is going to be converted, that'd be a lot of work down the drain.
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Added the toutorial of my lascannon carraiges. Have a look at the tutorial page.

I did a quick test paint for The Bell of Lost Souls Blog "Build a Macharian Crusade Imperial Guard Regiment" competition. Not too happy with the green. Too dark. It also ended up with a horrid dusty looking drybrush of white. Yuck! I'll fix it for the production models.
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Color scheme closer to the production colors... Just need to pick up two more pots of the greens to mix up highlight colors.
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Production colors!
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My Sergent and my Sniper Character, Tatyana Fererov. My Sergent has been upgraded to Hero of the Empire (third Class) with the addition of a medal. My sniper gets a head. I didn't like the other right arm because it covered up the work I did to give her a tiny waist. Since I also wanted her to stand out on the table so people can see her, her helmet is off in her hand. The third model is what my army's grenade launchers are going to look like. RPG's are cool.
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Got around to making up my army crest for the Sovrus.

Update: 03-14-2009 - Minor update. I rebased the lascannons to bring them up to new codex standards and made a test officer. Not sure if I like him yet. Maybe after I paint him.
I'm going to go the opposite route than other Guard armies. They use hats for ranks. The bigger your hat, the more important you are. With these guys I'm going to use coats. Short jacket type coats for troopers, the new knee length coat from the command squad box for junior officers and the long coat from the Baneblade sprue for the senior officers.
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Update: 05-11-2009 - (Another) Minor update. Made an autocannon as a test model. I like it. I'm going to use them in my standard infantry units. Its high strength and ok AP combined with two shots makes it a good all around weapon. Doing the mathhammer on the heavy weapons shows that the lascannon is the better weapon against marines (everyone plays them, so its good to use them as your standard enemy model). Lascannon and Missile Launcher are on par for anti-marine infantry work, followed by the Heavy Bolter and then the Autocannon. Thing is, the lascannon is points expensive and the Heavy Bolter can't hurt anything over av11. So, Autocannons it is. Plus, the Heavy Bolter doesn't look as good on my heavy weapons carriage. =)
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Update: 12-02-2009 - Finally figured out what I was going to use for the Chimera in my army. I was going to make a BMP-1 clone. After sketching it out and doing a little math, I found that it would be too short. I didn't want to give myself an advantage ingame. So after pouring through the books I have I picked the BTR-60. (If you can find a copy of the out of print 'Red Thrust' by Steven J. Zaloga, buy it.) It was about the same size as a Chimera. I fiddled around with CAD for a while and within 3 hours had a carboard mockup in my hands. It was all downhill from there. =)
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Update: 05-18-2011 - After brushing the dust off the one partial squad I had assembled, I figured I could paint them up. Ta-DAH!!! Well, sort of. Not 100% finished yet. I need to pick up some more flesh paint and some Tausept. Update: 08-20-2011 - Proof to show I'm still working. I figured I need some assault help for my tournament army. So I sculpted up a bike to use as a Rough Rider. Vroom-vroom!
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Update: 07-10-2012 - Alright! The Sovrus have picked up a lot of momentum over the last few weeks. I had the original of my BTR sent out to be cast up by Steve, the owner of Celticwerks. I got in my first test cast and I am happy beyond words with it. If you need any original casting work done, shoot Steve an email for a quote. I can tell you that the work is excellent.
The wheels are from Lee Valley. They were found by Mud from the Work In Progress message board. A great find for me. I bought them in the 100 pack which works out to 19 cents each after shipping. Since I need about 80 of them, it was a lot cheaper than tracking down the GW wheels I was looking for.
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Update: 07-20-2012 - Look what I got from the Post Office today from Celticwerks!!! Update: 08-18-2012 - Started my Major to take a break from my vehicles.
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Update: 11-07-2012 - Huzzah! Updated. I have a full 1500 points of them painted now. I have to repaint the tanks though. I didn't like how they turned out for Mechanicon 2012. Going to try the salt weathering on them.
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Update: 01-17-2013 - Ok, finally got around to photographing the infantry squads. I'm happy with them, but they can always use more work.
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Update: 10-01-2013 - Bulked up my command squad. I found having two extra wounds keeps my warlord alive longer. They are veteran combat troopers of the airborn Sovrus military. The vaunted VDV (Valkyrie Drop Veterans). Easy to tell apart from other Sovru units due to the powder blue beret, jump boots and pocketed trousers.
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123rd Sovrus Guards Rifle Regiment
The lone Imperial Agri-world to raise troops beyond PDF status, Sovrus pledged three entire Rifle Regiments to the Macharian Crusade. Doomed from the start by a terrible supply situation, the poorly trained and equipped Guardsmen were issued antiquated autoguns. The universally equipped Imperial Lasgun can use the power of a sun to recharge its powerpacks. Autoguns need solid ammunition akin to the Heavy Stubber. Bulky and hard to transport, ammo ran low in every engagement. The three Regiments performed adequately in minor skirmishes and two major actions within the Argolis Cluster. After the Crusade ran afoul of a technologically advanced system along the edge of the Argolis Cluster, the three poorly trained Regiments were reduced to a single ad hoc Regiment. The single Regiment, the consolidated 123rd Sovrus Guards Rifle Regiment (once the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Regiments) was reduced to an occupation force. Another job these men were not well trained for.
Over the years the planet Sovrus has worked hard to erase the shame of the first regiments. The 123rd Regiment is a more modern force that still holds to the use of the autogun. With its much improved supply chain, the regiment has become one of the most requested units by the Inquisition.

The Sovrus 123rd Motor Rifles