The closest I can get with RGB Hex...
Yeah I pretty much stole this table from someone else's website and cleaned it up for CSS. Since I use this all the time for websites, graphics and models, I figured I would put it up here. Enjoy!

The Federal Standard color system, officially named Federal Standard 595B - Colors Used in Government Procurement, is a United States Federal Standard, issued by the General Services Administration. The standard is also widely referred to as FED-STD-595, FED-STD-595B or FS-595B.
FED-STD-595 was finalized in the mid 50's, but it had evolved from WWII. Since military equipment was painted in specific colors that the military research nerds had figured out to be best, you had to have the colors the same across all the services. A Jeep built by Ford would be painted Olive Drab, but a Half-track built by the White Motor Company would too. The army needed them to be the same color right off the production line. So how do you get some company making hand grenade cases to use the same color as the company on the other side of the country making eyelets for boots? You come up with a national standard and fine the crap out of the guy who doesn't follow it. (In my experience with WWII vehicles, Ford wasn't going to stop the production line because the paint was a little too green. So it didn't matter that much.)
Each color in the Federal Standard 595 range is identified by a five-digit code, the FS#. None of the colors in the standard have an official name, just numbers. Over time though, the colors have been given names to make it simple for us poor non-savants to get the right color. Some of the model paint companies do display a FS#, but try asking your local game store owner for FS 23722 and watch his eyes slowly glaze over. Ask him for Testors Sand and he'll know where on the rack it is.

Color FS Description RGB Hex Code Common Name
  FS 10140 532F15 Brown Special
  FS 11136 9B2F25 Insignia Red
  FS 11630 ECB2A6 Pink
  FS 12197 BA160C International Orange
  FS 13538 F5AB30 Orange Yellow
  FS 13655 FDD31D Blue Angels Yellow
  FS 13670 DBE568 Lime Yellow
  FS 14052 373D2F Green
  FS 14062 3D6E3F Dark Green
  FS 14087 3C341F Olive Drab
  FS 14115 006845 Green
  FS 14258 515E32 Green
  FS 15042 070D09 Sea Blue
  FS 15044 2A3141 Insignia Blue
  FS 15050 070D1B "Blue Angels" Blue
  FS 15056 001068 Blue
  FS 15102 023457 Dark Blue
  FS 15183 0E5A8B Bright Blue
  FS 15200 7CBCE0 Sky Blue
  FS 15450 72A0C1 Air Superiority Blue
  FS 16076 353736 Engine Gray
  FS 16081 3B3F42 Engine Gray
  FS 16440 8A8685 Light Gull Gray
  FS 16473 9EA2A3 Aircraft Gray
  FS 16515 B8B7A3 Canadian Voodoo Gray
  FS 17038 03120F Black
  FS 17100 03120F Purple
  FS 17875 EDF2F8 Insignia White
  FS 17925 F8F9F3 Insignia White
  FS 18913 FC4827 Fluorescent
Red Orange
  FS 20061 531F23 Maroon
  FS 20062 4A3733 Brown
  FS 20100 93400A Brown Yellow
  FS 20109 83321F Red Brown
  FS 20140 694024 Brown Special
  FS 20252 BC7756 Tan
  FS 20260 AF8D50 Tan
  FS 20266 A28744 Yellow Sand
  FS 20400 B9845C Tan
  FS 20450 AB967B Night Tan
  FS 21105 B51F11 Red
  FS 21310 E43301 Red
  FS 21400 E94400 Red
  FS 22190 E43301 Red
  FS 22516 E09F69 Tan
  FS 23275 CE981A Earth Yellow
  FS 23578 DBCCA5 Cream
  FS 23594 DEC26E Beige
  FS 23655 FCCE16 Yellow
  FS 23722 EEDDAF Sand
  FS 23697 FACC7F Yellow Sand
  FS 24052 373D2F Green
  FS 24079 41402C Forest Green
  FS 24190 4EA04E Green
  FS 24272 6D9477 Green
  FS 24410 91A395 Green
  FS 25095 2758B5 Blue
  FS 25352 96ABAC Blue
  FS 25550 CFD8DD Light Blue
  FS 26008 343A48 Dark Gray
  FS 26044 172339 Gray
  FS 26081 3B3F42 Seaplane Gray
  FS 26118 3F4952 Medium Gunship Gray
  FS 26152 6A737A Gray
  FS 26270 797F7F Medium Gray
  FS 26320 808C8C Dark Compass
Ghost Gray
  FS 26375 9598A1 Light Campers
Ghost Gray
  FS 26440 878684 Light Gull Gray
  FS 27038 051111 Black
  FS 27780 FBFEEB White
  FS 27875 EDF2F8 Insignia White
  FS 28913 FE4728 Fluorescent Red Orange
  FS 28915 FB2B11 Fluorescent Red
  FS 30045 543B34 Brown
  FS 30051 443724 Leather Brown
  FS 30075 4D140B Hull Red
  FS 30091 612F24 Red Brown
  FS 30097 564032 Brown
  FS 30099 473622 Brown
  FS 30108 3C1E16 Red Brown
  FS 30111 4C2A21 Brown
  FS 30117 704437 Earth Red
  FS 30118 5B462B Field Drab
  FS 30140 532F17 Brown Special
  FS 30160 6B433B Brown
  FS 30215 70472B Brown
  FS 30219 715540 Tan
  FS 30227 8D7A69 Tan
  FS 30257 B48E5D Tan
  FS 30266 A28744 Yellow Sand
  FS 30277 948B6C Sand Brown
  FS 30279 A58E7E Sand
  FS 30372 B2A68C Sand
  FS 30400 B58159 Yellow Sand
  FS 31090 694223 Brown
  FS 31136 9A2E24 Insignia Red
  FS 31302 D32200 Red
  FS 31350 C41D0A Red
  FS 31400 E94400 Red
  FS 32648 E2C293 Sand
  FS 32473 EF6C00 Orange
  FS 33105 5D4B33 Brown
  FS 33245 8F693A Tan
  FS 33303 957F56 Sand
  FS 33434 BD8846 Ochre
  FS 33440 9F9059 Tan
  FS 33446 A38C6C Dessert Tan
  FS 33448 A59272 Dark Yellow
  FS 33531 C7AB84 Middlestone
  FS 33538 FEC110 Orange Yellow
  FS 33613 F1C7A1 Radome Tan
  FS 33617 C6B490 Sand
  FS 33690 E3CFB7 Sand
  FS 33695 F5CA86 Yellow Sand
  FS 33711 DFCBA8 Sand
  FS 33717 F0D6B1 Sand
  FS 34031 2A2C1F Dark Green
  FS 34052 373D31 USMC Green
  FS 34058 46696F Sea Blue
  FS 34064 373828 Dark Green
  FS 34077 344034 Green
  FS 34079 423F2C Forest Green
  FS 34082 44503A Green
  FS 34083 3A4630 Green
  FS 34084 282A1D Green
  FS 34086 404034 I. R. Dark Green
  FS 34087 3C3421 Olive Drab
  FS 34088 3C341F Olive Drab
  FS 34092 364A41 Dark Green
  FS 34094 3E3D29 Green
  FS 34095 3B482C Field Green
  FS 34096 454D42 Dark Green
  FS 34097 4A4C34 Field Green
  FS 34098 4F5338 Green
  FS 34102 454932 Light Green
  FS 34108 1B4B21 Medium Green
  FS 34127 455238 Green
  FS 34128 4B654A Deep Green
  FS 34138 19481E Green
  FS 34151 536437 Interior Green
  FS 34159 585E50 Green
  FS 34201 685D47 Tan Green
  FS 34227 4D6B53 Medium Gray Green
  FS 34230 2F6031 Green
  FS 34258 6F8054 Green
  FS 34259 51680E Yellow Green
  FS 34414 A8B693 Green
  FS 34417 9FAD8C Light Gray Green
  FS 34424 A0B29A Light Gray Green
  FS 34552 C4DA99 Light Green
  FS 34554 C7C9A4 Sky
  FS 34666 D8EFAB Green
  FS 35042 151B17 Sea Blue
  FS 35044 323C48 Insignia Blue
  FS 35045 355061 Dark Blue
  FS 35052 263A75 Blue
  FS 35109 273D55 Dark Blue
  FS 35164 56626E Intermediate Blue
  FS 35177 436F94 Medium Blue
  FS 35189 687681 Blue Gray
  FS 35190 6A85A2 Dark Blue
  FS 35231 757FA3 Azure Blue
  FS 35237 67757E Gray Blue
  FS 35240 7882A5 Blue
  FS 35250 3592BD Blue
  FS 35352 8FABAE Blue
  FS 35414 789B9D Blue
  FS 35450 7499AC Air Superiority Blue
  FS 35526 9DB4C6 Light Sky Blue
  FS 35622 C9D5D1 Light Blue
  FS 36076 3B3E51 Gray
  FS 36081 3B3F42 Dark Gunship Gray
  FS 36099 474D49 Dark Gray
  FS 36118 414A53 Medium Gunship Gray
  FS 36152 545E56 Gray
  FS 36165 7A755F Gray
  FS 36173 606666 Neutral Gray
  FS 36176 40474D Dark Gull Gray
  FS 36231 6F7571 Dark Gull Gray
  FS 36251 6A6C6B Gray
  FS 36270 7A7F82 Medium Gray
  FS 36280 7F8581 Dark Gray
  FS 36300 939498 Aircraft
Exterior Gray
  FS 36307 95928D Gray
  FS 36314 8B8C84 Flint Gray
  FS 36320 818B8D Dark Compass
Ghost Gray
  FS 36329 819490 Light Gray
  FS 36373 8A8E8D Light Gray
  FS 36375 9598A1 Light Compass
Ghost Gray
  FS 36424 BAB2A5 Medium Gray
  FS 36463 A7B6B9 Gray
  FS 36440 ACACA4 Light Gull Gray
  FS 36473 98A6A7 Sky Gray
  FS 36492 B7B4AB Gray
  FS 36495 C6C5CA Light Gray
  FS 36496 ABADA2 Gray
  FS 36521 B9B19C Tan
  FS 36555 A3947D Tan
  FS 36559 BFBBB2 Gray
  FS 36622 C8C1B1 Gray
  FS 37031 24272E Black Gray
  FS 37038 051111 Black
  FS 37100 794B7A Purple
  FS 37855 FDFBD2 White
  FS 37875 EDF2F8 Insignia White
  FS 37925 F8F9F3 Insignia White


I bet you thought that white was white. Now you know better.