Warhammer 40,000

Drookian Fen Guard
I'm going to try and enter the Kill Teams tournaments at the Warstore Weekend this year. The Berks-PA Gaming Club is running it three times over the weekend (twice on friday and once on saturday). I'm using it as an excuse to finish the Fen Guard I bought from Victoria Lamb's website. I picked up some arms from the Mad Robot Miniatures website too. Not only are those arms easier to use due to having open hands for the gun barrels... but there are LEFTIES!!!
Kill Teams is 205 point game. You can pick out three models to give some Universal Special Rules too. Each model acts as a unit by itself. So it makes for quite a fun game.
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I'm also using six Ratlings to up the firepower a little more. Of course, GW only has five different models of the current ones. So I had to convert up a sixth one.
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Drookian Fen Guard
The regiments' home world, Drook VI is covered almost entirely in bogs and mist-shrouded swamps. The only Imperial presence on the planet is a handful of cities, so that the population is governed almost completely by their own laws, except when, once per generation, they are called to recruit men for the Imperial Guard.
The people of Drook live for the honour of their clan names, and see any foreigner as an enemy that has hardly any right to continue breathing. The clans wage constant wars with each other, conducting raids on the ancestral territories of their neighbors, murdering, and looting everything that can be carried on the backs of the hairy riding beasts called rekhorns.
Commissars assigned to Drookian regiments have discovered that the best way to motivate their men is to exploit their hatred toward foreigners, identifying the enemy with a clan enemy and, if necessary, tell them they have insulted the ancestors of the regiment.

Drookian Fen Guard