Pulp Nazis

"Ve haff vays ouf making you talk."
Ok, here's the deal... We all know the Nazis were if not the most awful things to happen to the human race so far, then they are in the top five. I for sure do not agree with anything they did or any of their ideals. Lets face it though, if you need a group of bad guys for a 1930's pulp-type game, then you have to use the Nazis. Like Cobra in the G.I.Joe cartoon, they have cool vehicles and uniforms.
Markgraf Horst Von Neumark
Austrian Nobility with Nazi Flair
The Markgraf was horribly burned when his tank was destroyed in the Spanish Civil War (around mid-1937). The damage to his skin destroyed all of Horst's nerves in his arms, legs and chest. This has led to Horst ignoring wounds that would fell most men. Von Neumark wears a full steel helmet when in combat situations and an ivory mask while in "Social" situations.
Due to his "Arian" notions, all of his local contacts only cooperate due to fear or monetary compensation. Over the last few months of his operations in the Middle East have fueled his distain for the local "Help" has grown. His hired local bodyguard abandoned him in a sticky situation involving the port's customs police. Although Von Meumark managed to get his cargo through (with four dead customs workers and a bullet wound in his thigh), he no longer wanted to employ locals for anything other than expendable shielding for his personal bodyguards.
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Still needs his Swastika on the arm band,
but I need to find some correct scale decals.
Teufelsweiben - She-devils
The Markgraf's personal bodyguard
In 1935 Heinrich Himmler created the Lebensborn program. It was an early attempt at a eugenics program to create supermen for the Fatherland. Young women whom were of pure Arian Blood (which basically meant they had blond hair and blue eyes) were allowed to secretly meet SS Officers (also blue eyed and blond) and conceive children. This was done in secret and was not seen as improper for the young lady to have a child out of wedlock (well, to the SS anyway). The children were to be raised under the wing of the SS and were programmed to be perfect Nazi's. Of course the plan also had several nefarious offshoots.
The "Teufelsweiben" were young women with no family that entered the Lebensborn program as a way to make their lives better and serve the Fatherland. Of the several thousand such young women a few hundred were unable to have children. These young would be mothers were emotionally crushed when they found out about this. They have no skills to offer the Fatherland and felt that they were a burden to the system. Himmler found out about this percentage of young fit women with nothing left to lose and had a brilliant idea.
The SS indoctrinated these young women into the SS Cult. They gave their body and soul over to the "Teufelsweiben" program. Hidden away in the Bavarian Alps they were trained as soldiers, spies and saboteurs to attack the enemies of Germany. After all, what American or British solider would think this stunning blond bombshell was an agent of Greater Germany? The training broke each woman down and rebuilt her as a perfect SS Soldier. They followed orders without question, but could also operate alone as the mission demanded.
Markgraf Von Neumark's squad of "Devil Women" show how important he is to the SS's Occult operations. It is highly irregular for the Teufelsweiben to be seen in uniform, let alone a few dozen.
There are rumors that some of the Teufelsweiben have also been used in secret SS Occult Rituals. What this means is beyond top secret in the Nazi High Ranks...
Luftschiff X
The Markgraf's personal transport and crew
The Luftschiff X was built and designed by Dr. Hugo Eckener in 1936 alongside the more famous LZ-129 (The Hindenburg) as a bargaining chip to keep the Nazi Party from overwhelming his Zeppelin Company. The Luftschiff, or airship, was built for the Luftwaffe as a spy platform (remember, 1930's... no wide spread use of radar or spy satellites). How it entered SS service is a mystery, though rumors of Himmler winning it from Goring over a bet on Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics abound.
A small Zeppelin compared to the monsters of WWI and the Hindenburg, the Luftschiff X is a wonder of modern military rigid airships. She is painted a dark color to appear invisible at night. Her engines are muffled so well that you can't hear her when she's 100 feet overhead. She is also bristled with machineguns to keep away those pesky airplanes bent on doing her harm.
Crewed by a crack team of Luftschiff-men, she can also pack a punch in a fight on the ground. The crew has practiced dropping ropes from her underbelly and quickly sliding down them into action.
Operation Something-or-other...
The Markgraf's Mission
Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler have sent several Nazi Archeological Groups out into the world to find Holy/Occult Artifacts to aid in the rise of the Third Reich. The Ark of the Covenant, Excalibur, The Holy Grail, The Tarnhelm, The Spear of Destiny, etc.
The Book of Thoth
The Book of Thoth is a legendary book containing powerful spells and knowledge, said to have been buried with the Prince Neferkaptah (meaning perfect ka of Ptah in Egyptian) in the City of the Dead. The reader of the rolls would know the language of the animals, be able to cast great spells, and be able to enchant the sky and earth themselves. Anyone who read the book was punished by the gods (who would cause the reader's loved ones to die until the book was returned). Since the Markgraf has no familly or any emotions beyond hate and duty, he would seem to be perfect for this mission. Or is he?

Saleh Al-Fulan, the ports only customs official still awake at these hours, walked through the pitch black warfside warehouse. He could have sworn he heard a noise from out over the new import section. The section that happened to be the furthest from his comfy chair in the guard house.
''I hope its just rats...''
He trained his electric torch over the crates and boxes looking for the source of the noise.
With a slight whispering noise, something VERY sharp struck his right hand. A large pop followed when the bulb from his torch broke on the wood beams of the warf.
''El khara dah!?!''
From out of the darkness came a deep throaty chuckle and a flash of light from a silvered helmet.
''Das ist aber schade, mein freunde, aber schade fur sie...''