Warhammer 40,000

"We don't fear the Sovrus, we fear their Skimmers." - Tau Shas'O Sa'Cea Mont'Yr Y'eldi
Image Crank up Ride of the Valkyries!!! I was given a Valk as a gift from my brother. Now of course I couldn't build one out of the box. My Mechanicus guys were sidelined for a while and the armoured company wasn't getting finished this decade... so of course the Sovrus get a sweet ride. The original idea was going to convert it into a Hip style transport chopper. The simple outline of the Hip would have made it a simple conversion, or so I thought. The thing is, after watching Rambo III, Red Dawn and a ton of YouTube videos on Russian choppers, I for sure HAD to build a Hind.

I really wish I had documented this build better. It started out as one of those "Lets-have-a-look-in-the-box" type moments, which in three hours turns into a "How-the-hell-did-this-get-built?" moment. Once I had glued the wooden toggles on the front of the intakes I snapped out of my trance and started to take photos.

It actually was a straight forward conversion build. The forward hull/cockpit section was cut down so it had a chin turret and a bottom edge that was flat with the main body. The twin tail booms were assembled into one with a little putty work and general conversion magic. The doors and engine cowling were just made from plastic. The gap between the engine mounts and the main transport section was puttied up and sanded smooth (before I glued on the doors). The windows are made from the tiny door that was on the sides of the older Leman Russ model kit. The hinges were trimmed off and the little handles were filed down smooth. The landing gear are made from the Valk landing struts and Space Marine bike wheels for the back and the original landing mount for the front with metal wheels glued on from the old style sit-down Imperial Guard heavy weapons. The hybrid Valk/Hind wings were made from layered plastic card. The vents for the vector thrust ports are made from a cut down Bic pen with the gap on top puttied into a sphere (which you can see better on the painted version, sorry). I added a third set of vents to the lower hull closer to the front. I figured I would need something to keep the nose up. =)

I didn't have a plan for the weapons other than I will NEVER buy a non-twin-linked lascannon for Guard vehicles. So I figured that I would just magnitize the rockets and pods so I can swap them out when needed. The heavy bolters were going to be some crazy scratch built waste of time things until I stumbled on some Predator heavy bolters in my Marine bitz box. So all I did was make an angled wedge on the top of them that lines up with the slope of the wings and added some magnets if I need to save a few points. Lookin pretty Dakka in my own opinion.

The nightmare of the build was the cockpit. I had assembled the whole kit and painted it a year ago before I finally got up the nerve to tackle the complete cockpit. In the end I feel that I pulled it off quite nicely. I just wished I had done it months ago.

In his 90% finished form, along with just the Red Scorpion, I entered a Kill Teams tournament at my local store. In the games where I could take out the few heavy weapons that could hurt the Hind the games were un-fun walkovers (Sorry Rob!!!). Of course, when the Hind gets taken out quickly (God damn all krak missiles to hell!), Mr. Marbo clone doesn't last long against 200 points of stuff. T-shirt saves count for nadda even with feel no pain. It was fun though. Its the closest to fielding a complete Sovrus force as I can get right now anyway. Sigh.

Pardon the work in progress shots. I didn't have my studio rig set up.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Now I just have to paint the cockpit and glue it in. Cue the 12 month doomsday clock that will go off if I'm not finished. =)

Actually got some work done on him. I had problems... After bringing the cockpit inside after basecoating it in black... I dropped the damn thing. I ended up cracking the front gunner station canopy edging off. I had to do some resculpting. That was not a good day. >=(
Trio of some fast shots. I didn't set up the studio for them (that is why the shadows are harsh). I wanted some opinions on what color to make the cockpit glass. Bottle green or sky blue?
Image Image Image
Here are some work in progress shots of the painting.
Image Image Image Image Image Image
Getting there...

Soviet pilots called the aircraft letayushchiy tank, or "flying tank". More common unofficial nicknames were Krokodil, "Crocodile", due to the helicopter's new camouflage scheme and Stakan, "Glass", because of the flat glass plates which surround the three place cockpit of the Mi-24A.

The Sovrus 123rd Motor Rifles