Update History.

Well, I started this page late... It's just a record for myself. Also documents how I'm like a squirrel on speed when it comes to sticking to one project.

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Update 1-13-09: Sorry guys, things have slowed down for me here. The unemployment problem has me running out of things like glue and paint. Its gonna be slow until I get a new job. BUT... My brother has just rejoined the Warhammer Cult AND started a blog about it. It revolves around his obsession with math (he's a programmer, go figure) and wee little plastic robots.
MathHammer for Morons
Update 2-4-09: Milkbox stopped displaying correctly. So I changed over to Lightbox. Wasted day man. Wasted.
Update 2-6-09: Whoops! Forgot to mention that I had added a Destroyer Tank Hunter to my gallery page. Sorry.
Update 2-12-09: Added a section to keep track of my progress on the 2009 Projects. Mostly just to make it easier for people to make fun of me. =)
Update 2-15-09: Updated the 2009 Project section.
Update 2-26-09: Updated the Gallery section. Added a series of wip shots of my new Rhino for my Marine Devastators.
Update 2-27-09: Updated the 2009 Project section. Added the first part of the lower hull assembly.
Update 3-13-09: Bell of Lost Souls added me to their links page today. Awesome. =)
Update 3-14-09: Updated the 2009 Project section. Fixed my lascannon bases and made a test officer for the Sovrus.
Update 3-16-09: Added a new piece of scenery in the scenery section in the gallery section. A simple poured concrete wall that has no line of sight problems.
Update 3-16-09: Added some new pieces of terrain in the scenery section in the gallery. A simple poured concrete wall that has no line of sight problems.
Update 3-17-09: Added a new quicky scenery repaint in the tutorial section.
Update 5-11-09: "I'm not dead." Added a shot of my Autocannon to the Sovrus page. "I feel HAPPY!"
Update 5-30-09: Started another scenery project. Country Lanes in the Tutorials section.
Question 6-15-09: Anyone have any actual information on Ollanius Pius beyond the one paragraph in the 1989 Compendium? This is all I can actually find in my collection. Email me here if you know of it, please.
"The central figure is an image of Ollanius Pius, the Guardsman who is supposed to have given his life by interposing his body between Horus and the Emperor during the assault on the Imperial Palace. He is now regarded as something of a saint by the Guard, and occasions is even prayed to as an intercessionary figure."
Update 6-20-09: Updated Lou's Basilisks in the 2009 Projects section.
Update 6-22-09: Updated the junk page with... um... some junk.
Update 6-23-09: Updated the Tau in my Aeronautica Imperialis area.
Update 7-07-09: Added a 'Donation' button to the page. Not desperate, but like Benny in 'Total Recall' says, "Hey, man, I got five kids to feed!".
Update 7-09-09: Added a new image to the Junk section while I was watching a movie today.
Update 7-13-09: Updated my Tau Jets in the AI section and added a widget for my ebay sales.
Update 7-15-09: Added a section under the 40K section for my Crimson Fists.
Update 7-23-09: Busy trying to knuckle under and get a chunk of my commission work done for Lou's Salamanders. Just to keep you guys from giving up on me, I added a few WIP pictures of a marine character on the Ultramarine page under the 40K section.
Update 7-25-09: Added some more Crimson Fist models I found in storage and a dead Blood Angel Terminator to the Old Miniatures section in the Gallery.
Update 7-26-09: Added a pair of pictures of the old Armorcast Tempest model. One of my friends found it tucked away in his closet. I thought I had lost it.
Update 7-31-09: Added some pictures of my finished Assault Squad and Ultrashrike in the Ultramarine section in the 40K area.
Update 8-10-09: Added a new page under the 40K section for my Deathwatch/Sternguard.
Update 8-12-09: Updated my Ultramarine and Deathwatch pages.
Update 8-28-09: Added some "New" old miniatures to the old section in my gallery.
Update 9-19-09: Finally saw the new Space Wolf Codex... dropped the plans to make it one of my armies. I couldn't do the list that I wanted. Who needs another power armoured army? =)
Update 9-30-09: Added a quick picture of some normal Guardsmen as a reference for a friend in the Gallery.
Update 10-23-09: Happy Birthday to me!!! Been busy getting the boys in blue ready for a tournament in PA. Added some items to the Ultramarines page in the 40K section.
Update 12-02-09: Whoops! Dropped off for a bit there, sorry. I had stuff to get done for the Mechanicon in PA and started working on the Sovrus. Looks like my 2009 projects are getting recycled into 2010 projects. Sigh. Anyway, look in the 40K section on the Soviet Guard page for a shot of my CMR-60 model.
Update 12-31-09: Guess its time to update my Projects page. 2009 didn't work out like I wanted. As usual. Also added an image to my Junk page.