Update History.

Well, I started this page late... It's just a record for myself. Also documents how I'm like a squirrel on speed when it comes to sticking to one project.

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Update 01-01-10: Happy New Year!!!
Update 01-06-10: D'oh! I'm already working on things that are not on my 2010 List. I didn't even make it a week. Look under the Tutorials section. I painted up the Ark of the Covenant (in 28mm scale) in order to show how I paint gold. Now I just need a 28mm crate to put it in and hide it in my 28mm scale warehouse.
Update 01-30-10: New step by step on making trees in the Tutorial section. And for a bonus, the start of my Zombie infected town, Psalm Bay, in the General Gaming section.
Update 01-31-10: Added another building to the Psalm Bay section in the General Gaming section.
Update 02-09-10: Updated the Psalm Bay page in the General Gaming section. There is a new 'Mystery' item and a preview of my personal character (still a work in progress).
Update 02-11-10: Found some more old models and put them in the Old Miniatures page in the Gallery section. I have so many of them that I can't keep track of them. So its a surprise when they pop up. =)
Update 02-17-10: Added a WIP multi-purpose building to my Psalm Bay page under the General Gaming section.
Update 02-20-10: Added a new image to the Junk page. Made it while goofing off watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Might come in handy if the Zombies take a break and are replaced by Greys.
Update 02-21-10: Updated my Link page.
Update 02-26-10: We've been having some terrible weather here in Jersey. So I haven't had a chance to use any spray primer. Been using my time to assemble some commision models and Psalm Bay stuff. For instance, have a look at the Motorcycle Patrolman that I put up on the Psalm Bay page under the General Gaming section.
Update 03-02-10: Junk update! Look for a new logo.
Update 03-08-10: Added another building to the Psalm Bay page under the General Gaming section.
Update 03-14-10: Added two more buildings to the Psalm Bay page under the General Gaming section. I'm going to hold off on more until I can paint these.
Update 03-24-10: Getting ready to move. Expect a lull in updates for a few weeks. Everything is going into boxes. =(
Update 05-02-10: Moved in (sorta). I found my paint, but no brushes. Then I found my brushes. Now where did I put the paint...?
Update 05-11-10: Added some finished items to the Ultramarine's page in the 40K section. They've been done for a few months, but they just got photographed.
Update 06-04-10: Sneak peek at what is coming soon (or soonish).

Update 06-08-10: Added a new page under 40K section. "Sovrus - Red Scorpion". The sneak peek above is a few days away from being ready.
Update 07-29-10: Looks like its time to renew my site. I can't pay for it, so the Alcove is gonna go out in a fizzile (again). Thanks for checking this site out over the few years it was up. I figure it will go off the air around September.
Of course... if you wanna help out, the donate button still works. Not that anyone has used it before... =(

Update 08-19-10: Not quite dead yet. Added a new picture to the Gallery Page. Squat Exo-armour Hearthguard. =)
Update 08-21-10: Woo! I went to Games Day as a last minute thing. I wanted to take something to enter into the Golden Daemon (since you got to enter the area early sometimes). Well after picking 'The Red Scorpion' out of my wall case... He made the first cut in 40K Single Miniature!!! Totally stoked over that. I didn't win anything. It was a good shot in the army to my confidence though.
Image Image

Update 08-22-10: Kind of noticed that I'm slowly building a game table to play on at my house. So I thought I would write up an article on it. Look under the Tutorial section.
Update 09-20-10: Looks like the Alcove will live for another 2 years. I'll be on rice and Hot Pockets for a while though. Much thanks to the folks that helped, and a heap of scorn on those who stood by. =/
I'm building a section for my friends who have helped me out over the years. That is what the "Guest Spot" link is down there on the right. Its not hooked up to anything yet. I'll let you all know when its live.
Update 11-08-10: I attended the 2010 Mechanicon (last year too) and had a ball! My opponents were great, even the four out of five who kicked my ass. I did very well in the first Iron Ogre painting competition. I'm not sure of my final standings since I spent the last hour of my trip to West Chester PA in a fog. Before the first round the gentlemen running the event announced the results of the Iron Ogre. I won second place Single Miniature Large Open, first place Warhammer 40K Squad, first place Warhammer 40K Vehicle and first place Warhammer 40K Single Miniature! Then before all that could settle in... they announce that I also won the overall!!! At that point in the day if someone had hit me in the face with a cricket bat I wouldn't have noticed.
Then I had to calm down enough to finish my games (I lost both, but only because my opponents were better than me. I had my shit together by then.). After the final game they announced the final top standings. Of course Rich Ditzler stomped over all the other armies with his fantastic Imperial Guard army to take best painted. I mean come on, the man had Zepplins! To my real surprise I got third best painted. Not sure how I squeaked in there over some of the fantastic armies I saw. As if that was not enough, and it was, I also was totally flabbergasted by getting the Army Domination trophy for Space Marines. Now lets face it... I lost four of my games with the minimum points I could get (Fething Orks!!! NEXT YEAR!!!). How the hell did that happen? I wasn't the only Marine player there. I checked. I'll have to wait until the final standings are up to see why.
So, I win seven trophies, some great swag and on the Saturday night I won a round of Bar Bingo at the pub by the hotel. Free beer!!! In total, a really good weekend! I know I thanked all my opponents for the great games, but I can also put it up here too. Thanks Gary Christopher (sorry I beat you), Don Mondo (bloody Psyker Battle Squad dies first next time), George Hanson (199 Orks is scary even if I had template weapons), my fourth game Ork Opponent (I can't find your army list. So I can't remember your name right now. I blame shock and too much beer from the night before.) and Evan Jones, my best game of the weekend (10 Raptors + 4 Honour Guard = 1 Raptor. Math is fun.).
Next year guys I will win TWO games... NEXT YEAR!!!
Update 12-25-10: Merry Christmas gang! Happy holidays too.