Update History.

Well, I started this page late... It's just a record for myself. Also documents how I'm like a squirrel on speed when it comes to sticking to one project.

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Update 02-11-12: Holy crap! Its 2012. I'm not dead, just working. I'll have some new stuff later in the month (or by Easter... 2013).
Update 03-08-12: Lets see... about six months of little updates (or none). Couldn't find my camera or photo gear. Took me a while to get organized too. Added some 25th Anniversary 40K stuff on my Ultramarines page under the 40K section.
Update 03-12-12: Big update to the actual site. Finally got myself into 2012. Email me if anything is broken. There is an update to the gallery page too.
Update 03-15-12: Mudhutistan gets finished to a playable state. Have a look under General Gaming.
Update 04-23-12: Mudhutistan gets an update. I also wrote about something I felt I had to get off my chest. Look under General Gaming.
Update 07-10-12: I've been a busy little bee over the last few months. Not a lot I can show you yet, but there is a nice update on the Sovrus page.
Update 07-20-12: Woo! Got in more toys from Celticwerks!!! Check the Sovrus page.
Update 08-10-12: Been real busy working on my Soviets. No real updates except for the following;
Update 08-17-12: Took a two day break from working on my Sovrus vehicles. Check out the start of my Major in the Sovrus section under the 40K category.
Update 11-07-12: I finished (sorta) 1500 points for Mechanicon. Since Hurricane Sandy took out my power for 8 days, the pictures are kind of going to be a while. Way to much to do right now.