Update History.

Well, I started this page late... It's just a record for myself. Also documents how I'm like a squirrel on speed when it comes to sticking to one project.

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Update 01-01-13: Happy New Year folks.
Update 01-18-13: Added the pictures of my Sovrus infantry (finally).
Update 03-22-13: Updated the Psalm Bay section with my finished gas stattion and a billboard.
Update 03-23-13: Another update to the Psalm Bay section.
Update 03-25-13: And another update to the Psalm Bay section. Painted some zombie bloaters.
Update 03-31-13: Another update to the Psalm Bay section. Put up some zombie dogs, a rage zombie and a plain zed.
Update 04-01-13: Added something to the gallery page. I was working on some scenery for work and had the brown paint out.
Update 08-24-13: A four month break on the webpage. Added some stuff under the 40K section for my Fen Guard Kill Team.