Update History.

Well, I started this page late... It's just a record for myself. Also documents how I'm like a squirrel on speed when it comes to sticking to one project.

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Update 07-06-15: Woah, what happend here? Almost two years without an update. I should fire my webpage guy. Few new things are coming up soon, sorry.
Update 07-08-15: Took care of that redirect that was stopping my images from displaying when you clicked on them. That was a pain in the ass. The one counter I had used since 2005 had been hacked or something. Pulled the code. Problem Solved.
Update 07-09-15: Added a Bolt Action section and updated the Space Wolves section.
Update 07-13-15: Put up some pictures on the scenery page for Bolt Action section.
Update 07-20-15: Fantastic start to my Bolt Action army!!!