Imperial Carriaged Heavy Lascannon

The Kurganswold pattern heavy carriaged lascannon.
For my Soviet Imperial Mechanized Guard I wanted to have the troops take care of attacking vehicles and the Vehicles attack troops. Figuring that I need five lascannons to stop a Tank in one turn.
I didn't want to make the same lascannon that all the other "Cadian" clone Guardsmen use. So what to do? Enter... The Kurganswold Pattern Heavy Lascannon Carriage...
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You'll need to get all of your materials together. I tried to make it out of materials I had sitting around. Here is a list of what I used (in no particular order);
The Support for the new Tank Bulldozer Blade, the two little pistons that connect to the Support, the Support from the Old Tank Bulldozer Blade, a pair of wheels with the Hubs (I used the one that are used on the Space Marine Bikes), The new Comm-unit, The top of the Old Storm Bolter, the Bottom Rail and Rail Hinge from the Old Storm Bolter, half the Shell from the Old Hunter Killer Missile, a Jerry Can, some small Handles from the Guard Armor Kits, the New Searchlight Support Post, some plasticard and of course, a New Plastic Guard Lascannon.

You can follow the step by step in the pictures or just by reading the following. They both hold the same information.
If you look at the picture below, you'll see how I cut up the Dozer Support. The support has two prongs that slot into the back of the blade itself. You'll need one prong per lascannon you wish to build. So out of this part, you get two. Chop out the center section and cut off the rear bits just behind the "U" shaped blocks. You won't need the cut offs for the rest of this project. Toss them into your bitz-box.
Now, take your plastic lascannon and chop it up to look like the second picture below. It's at this point that I should point out that you can also use an Autocannon on this mount too. I just haven't figured that one out yet. Take your lascannon and the prong from the dozer blade support and glue them together. Like the third picture below.
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Now assemble your wheels. Take the pistons from the dozer blade support and cut off the alignment pins and the smaller piston part. These are the axle, so glue them to the wheels. Make sure the larger side of the piston/axle is against the wheels. Like the third picture below. Then glue the axles to the round part of the dozer support. The flat part of the axles should be along the top.
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Grab the searchlight support post. This gets glued to the back of the lascannon with the handle facing up. The lower part of the post may have to be trimmed out on the inside of the bracket part. It fits over the piston part of the dozer support. The rail hinge from the old style storm bolter then gets glued over the flat spot on the dozer support where you cut off the back arms. Collect up your pile of small bits.
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Grab the old style dozer support (the one with the little hook ends). Chop out the center. I cut it at an angle so that I had more surface area to glue. The little hooks get chopped off too. Glue this down to your base. I just cut out some circles from some plastic. Then take the lascannon assembly and glue it over old support. The bottom part of the assembly has a block where you chopped off the back arms. This gets slotted into the angle of the old support. Grab the bottom rail from the old style storm bolter and cut off the attachment pins and the point on the front. Glue it to the back of one of the old style dozer support. The new comm-unit has an antenna with a ring on it. Chop off the ring and cut a notch out of it. Glue this to the back of the storm bolter rail to make a tow-ring. The first two lascannons I made had metal ones I made out of paperclips. When I was putting this one together and photographing it for you guys I came up with this. So much simpler. Take the handles from the tank kits and glue them to the same place on both legs.
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Now grab your plastic to build the splinter shield. I have a drawing of the part I cut out below. The lower part of the shield gets a reinforcement block and the upper parts get a reinforcement strip around the outside edge. The comm-unit you cut the ring from before provides your rivets. Chop up the long antenna into small circles. Glue them to the front and back. I did them in a pattern of four across the top and one on the center of the sides. The bottom reinforcement gets one at each corner. The old style hunter killer missile box has a winged skull of the right size. Cut it out. I sand mine down after I cut it out to make it the same thickness as was on the surface of the box. The jerry can gets cut along the line to make it look like a box. Cut that in half again to make two. Glue it to the right side on the back of the gun shield. This gives you a little box for the gun crew to stash their Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer, manuals and spare earplugs.
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The power supply and cable get glued in next. Cut off the pin from the end of the cable. Glue it in at an angle. Take the top of the old style storm bolter. Cut it at the back where the barrel case is. If you look at the inside (with the cut off part at the bottom), the right side has a notch in it where the ammo went in. You'll need to cut the other side to mirror the notch. The notch will line up with the side of the lascannon top and help it sit flat. Glue it onto the top left of the lascannon. Take some tubing (brass or plastic) and cut two lengths the same size. Glue them one on top of the other butting up to the bolter part. That makes your sights. Last step! Glue on the shield to the front of the gun. You now have a Kurganswold Pattern Heavy Lascannon. Pew-pew!!!
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''Grant me the sight of the eagle, the calm of the breeze, the patience of a saint and the skill to smite the foe from afar.''
- Litany of Accuracy, To be recited quietly, during the aim and before taking the shot.