I don't know why you'd want to leave...
...but just in case you do, here is where you can go.
Also, you can link to me here... - You can use this image too. Image
Image - My brother's blog that revolves around his obsession with math and toy soldiers.
Bell of Lost Souls, Warhammer 40k and Fantasy News - The way to do it! These guys are in Austin Texas. The best reason I can come up with to move to Texas.
Dave Taylor Miniatures - The man who brought you the Genswick Rifles and thise cool Vostroyan tanks from the Medusa V Global Campaign in 2006. Check outhis Blood Pact too.
Dampf's modelling page - Another good blog site. I love the Flash Gordon stuff.
Semper Tyranis - One of my friends (Brian) started up a Genestealer Cult Imperial Guard army, the 138th Tyran. Have a look.
Online Shops
Rattlehead Games - Nice site to pick up some of the overseas companies stuff and not get killed on shipping. This is where I got my Pig Iron stuff too.
Celticwerks - The custom casting company that made my BTRs (and hopefully future projects).
Games Workshop - You have to know these guys. If you think they're the best thing since spray primer or if you think they are the devil, you know they make nice models.
Copplestone Castings - One of my favorite sculpters, Mark Copplestone. A very easy person to order from. Very helpful too. A fairly strange selection of models, have a look. You would more than likely find something you want or need.
Bob Murch's 'Pulp Figures' - Need some awesome figures for any pulp gaming? Check out these.
Old Crow - Another cool 28mm vehicle model company. They are the official model makers for the "Hammer's Slammers" book series.
Pig Iron Productions - I've followed these guys since the Ironside came out. They have branched out into miniatures with a neo-future (or future-future) feel to them. Nice stuff.
Kallistra Ltd - The folks I bought my plastic hexes from. Very cool if you need such a thing, very boring if you don't.
Army Builder - The folk who replaced paper, pencils and erasers. If you don't have Army Builder, get it!
K&J Magnetics - Ok, I know its just because they are only one state over, but my first order from these guys came in less than 24 hours. Highly recommended for all your little magnet needs.
Plastruct - One of the companies who make hobby plastic stuff.
Evergreen Scale Models - One of the other companies who make hobby plastic stuff.
Armorcast - The guys who bring you those nifty muzzle flashes and scenery.
General Hobby Stuff
The Miniature Page - General hobby news (covering EVERYTHING) and some good forums.
AB40k Maintainers Site - The guys who make the 40K files for Army Builder.
Wolflair - The maker of Army Builder.
Matakishi's Tea House - Lets see... Mr. Ward does, ummm... everything. From Martians to Tarzan and even pulp to modern african conflics. Very good site.
Agis Page of Miniatures - Agis Neugebauer of Berlin, Germany. Nice stuff to pillage ideas from.
Work in Progress - A good message board with ideas, advice and projects. Some awesome work going on in there.
Very General Stuff - Even nerds gotta eat. Cant live on Ramen and frozen pizza. (Well you can, but you'll die when your in your 40s.)
Urban Dead - Very low tech low-tech zombie apocalypse browser game. Good for a short break at work.
Star Pirates - Another time waster for you. Don't get caught playing at work. =)
If you guys want to link to me, go ahead. If you'd like me to link you, just ask.