Games Workshop's Best
The best game Games Workshop has ever produced. It still has its flaws though.
I love this game. You make your gangs the way you want them and you expand with them. You actually get attched to characters as they grow stronger and gain experiance (maybe). The other GW games are all based around the same army lists. So you still see a variety of armies, but they are the same from game to game. With Necromunda your models gain experience for each game they play in. So you could face off against another gang (even one that's from the same house as yours) and it could be the total opposite of the gang of the same kind you played before.
You can have gangs that are very good at shooting with some very hard close combat characters. You could have a gang that would give Genestealers a hard time in close combat. That gang could still have one or two guys who can shoot the center of a dime out blindfolded.
Skills make a huge difference too. Your models stat line goes up but you can also get skills. For instance, you could end up with a skill that lets you shoot a pistol with both hands. So you get two shots. On top of that you could get one that lets you shoot a shot for each attack you have. So if you have both skills and three attacks, you can shoot six times. You can also get skills that give you an edge in close combat. Some skills let you pick up your opponent and throw them d6". Not too scary until you look at the scenery for the game. I could beat you and toss you off a building.
Necromunda is a game of fierce combat between rival gang fighters in the dangerous underworld of the Necromundan hives: ancient and incomprehensibly vast cities, built up layer upon layer, stretching ten miles into a planet's atmosphere. To those who live in the depths, the dark and ruinous Underhive offers every opportunity for wealth and power. Its collapsed caverns conceal the riches of the distant past: rare and precious metals, unfathomable archeotech devices, wondrous mutated fungi and much more. It is also a place of danger, where mutant creatures, renegades and killers hide from the laws of House and hive. Necromunda is more than just the action on the tabletop. Every time you play a game you earn the opportunity to expand or improve your gang. By winning games you can gain territory, discover ancient artefacts and uncover mineral wealth. By visiting the Trading Post you can buy better weaponry and hire more gang fighters. Your gang will also improve with time; every time a gang fights, its members gain in skill and experience. Young juves quickly progress to become full gang fighters, and fighters learn new abilities, which make them superior combatants.