Warhammer 40,000

Blood for the Blood Good! Inarticulate Bellow!!!
These guys are the left overs from my last edition Chaos Codex. Not 100% unhappy with the new book as now I can field "Berserkers" with Jump Packs. Sort of.
Very Basic List:
HQ: Daemon Prince with a Mark of Khorne and Wings. This guy is going to look like a HUGE Space Marine with a Jump Pack. Since he is the leader of these guys who are just starting to fall for the whispers in the warp, he's going to be the most "Changed".
Troops: Three Squads of Khore Berserkers. They will be 8 men strong (Including a Skull Champion with a Power Weapon) with no upgrades. Each squad will get to tool around in a old Mk 1 Rhino with Extra Armor, a Dozer Blade and a Combi-Melta (just because I have four of them from the Apocalypse Upgrade Sprue).
Fast Attack: Three squads of eight Psudo-Berserker Raptors. They get an Icon of Khorne (to give them something to be shot at by Imperial Assassin Snipers) and an upgraded Aspiring Champion with a Power Weapon.
Heavy: A Predator with a Turret Autocannon and Sponson Lascannons. Think of the old MK1 Predator with the dome turret. It's going to have Extra Armor, a Dozer Blade and a Combi-Melta (again, because this is number four from the Apocalypse Upgrade Sprues I have).
This gives me Eight units with squad sizes at Eight. Khorne's Sacred Number. That of course means nothing outside of the fluff now, but hey, I'm cool. Who needs more than eight guys in a squad anyway?
All the troopers will be in modified Forgeworld Red Scorpion Mk 4 "Maximus" Power Armour and the Champions in Mk 5 "Heresy" style Power armour. A smattering of old weapons and backpacks from my stash, plastic sprue rivets and an arse load of work will hopefully make these guys look cool. Blood, sweat and tears for the Blood God!!!
The World Eaters Legion is one of the twenty legions of the First Founding, having been spawned from the gladiatorial Primarch Angron. Their heraldry originally included suits of blue and white armor and their Legion badge depicted a green and blue world being crushed between a set of edged teeth. After being reunited with the Emperor, Angron was given command of the Space Marine Legion created from his gene-seed by the Emperor to help reclaim the galaxy in the Great Crusade. During the Great Crusade, the World Eaters acted as the spearhead of many planetary invasions, bloody assaults and ferocious battles. Their loyalty to the Emperor was held up as an example, for they were willing to face any opponent in even the most suicidal of assaults. Their techniques and ferocity earned them a reputation for bloodshed at an epic scale across the galaxy.