Father Mallius' Flock
Current Gang Rating = 3395 (If the Arch Zealot stays home.)
Number of Models = 22 (Again, if you don't count the Arch Zealot.)
In the current campaign I started out with a Cawdor gang. After a few dozen games between myself and another player (who could stay up until 3am) this gang became too strong to play against startup gangs. So, I figured that starting a second gang would be better. [Side note: This gang isn't going to retire. I want them to be the terror of the Underhive.] I was currently playing with the House of Redemption, why not go full blown nutters? I popped onto the Specialist Games website to get the rules. To my great surprise the rules had been changed. For the better for once (I still have nightmares about 40K getting an "Epic Armageddon" fix).
The first thing that I noticed was that there were two different styles of Redemptionists. The Crusade, which has all the options or the Mob. The Mob looked like a great idea! I could get 14 models for 1000 credits. A 50/50 split between Crusaders (Gangers) and Devotees (Juves). The Mob gets a leadership bonus depending on the number of models in the gang when used for bottle tests. Add to that the Gang was the only one in Necromunda to get a Leadership max at 10. The Fires of Hate burned a little brighter.
The plan was to play about 10 to 14 games until I had enough creds to get myself a Priest (turning it into a Crusade). Once I had him I could get some Zealots and Deacons to back up the Faithful with some Chainsaws, Meltaguns, Flamers and Grenade Launchers. Well, until I noticed that the Launcher had been pulled/left out of the new set of rules. No big deal. They were expensive and not 100% reliable.
The first game was a multiplayer affair against a hoard of Skavvies. Not being 100% clear on my rules, I bottled out after getting clobbered in hand to hand. Not that I didn't expect to do badly with them on their first game. Well, IF I had read the rules a bit more carefully I would have noticed I could re-roll bottle tests and count my whole gang as being effected by "Hate" if the other gang had Mutants or Wyrds. Darn.
The second game was different... another multiplayer game where you had to kill a monster before you could turn on the other gangs.
One of my opponents was none other than my friend with his First Gang. His gang rating was better than twice mine. Oh no, I figured, I'm going to get slaughtered. He had the best shooting gang around at the time. My wee (well, bit big for "wee", but you know what I mean) gang was equipped with one quarter of the gang shooting Autoguns, another quarter equipped with Shotguns and the remaining half being juves, decked out with pistols. Great... I'm going to have to charge across the table. Not to mention kill the monster.
My plan was simple, like all good plans. Rush across the table, ignore the other gangs and get close to his so I could use my Exterminators (one shot flamers attached to other weapons). Once he took out enough of my guys I could bottle and reap some nice experience.
Soooooo... He goes into overwatch and pops the monster when it first moves. One wound down. The other player (another good friend, but one that can't play till dawn) opens up on it with whatever can hit it. Get this, two flesh wounds. Crap. The monster then tears ass into cover and finally CHARGES my clumped up gang that is half way across the board. Damn it!!! Well, show no fear. Without drawing out the story to the point of being boring, I swamped the monster with all my juves and took it down. Which left me out in the open...
Needless to say, after a rain of frag grenades, plasma rounds and a totally useless Heavy Bolter guy, over half my gang was pinned or down. Not looking good I thought. I should bottle out now before I end up with a bunch of injury rolls. Wait... His leader is standing on the edge of a four story tower looking down on my poor guys. I have a Crusader close to him who has a good chance of getting him. I'll wait one more round.
The Exterminators let loose, Devotees were shooting like seasoned gangers and my Crusader pops his leader over the edge of the building. A nice 12" fall that automatically takes him out of the game (not to mention one of my unlucky Devotees that he fell on). "Damn!!! It looks like I just about turned this one around.", I'm thinking. He looks at me and goes, "Maybe I should Bottle out." Of course I'm NOT going talk him into sticking around. So he does... I won! Woo!
The plan to play 10 to 14 games just went out the window. With my Giant Killer Bonus for winning and a good roll for my income I bought my Priest with all his gear on my second game. Wa-ha!!!
So now I'm going to start burning down the little section of Hive we play in to rid it of all the Heretics, Witches and Mutants. I'll keep you folks updated (if anyone is reading this).
The Good, the Bad and the Impressive Scared
My current star player is Brother Larcius. He's a BS 6 Crusader with his trusty autogun (with Exterminator in case anyone gets close). Not the best Necromunda Tough, but he's what I've got. Brother Tarquitius is catching up though. He's a BS6 Gunfighter. Now I just need him to get the rest of his stat line higher. He started out as a Devotee and has horrible stats besides his BS.
Now, for the bottom of the barrel...
Its a tie between Brother Merdius and Brother Ullerius. Merdius was the first member of my Flock to go up against an Enforcer's Cyber-Mastiff. No big deal you say... Well, he happened to go down and roll multiple injuries in that game. He's got a few benefits, Rapidfire: Shotgun and Hipshooting. The Hipshooting is great when you factor in the Exterminator. He runs up and torches a few guys. Once they get pinned or go down he can then blast them in the next turn with his gun twice. Of course he has two chest wounds (Toughness 1), a head wound and an old battle wound. If he shows up for a fight and he's not stupid and he manages to get into exterminator range he still can get taken out by a stiff poke with a Juves finger. He also has gunfighter. Not much you can do with that skill and a shotgun. Sigh.
Now for Brother Ullerius. He started out as a Devotee. After his second game he ends up getting "Blinded in One Eye". So his BS drops to a 1. So if you stand right in front of him and cross your arms he'll hit you on a six. Orks shoot better. His odds do get a little better since he has Fast Shot and two Attacks. Still, he sucks. Guess who gets pushed out in front a lot? Being out front of the Flock did end up giving him a toughness of 4, strength of 4 and True Grit.
''Whatever the Emperor places in my path to test my faith, will burn just a brightly as my faith. Burn to the ground and then salted.''
Father Cinis Mallius