Quick scenery project for you.
I was going to make a set of roads for my Pulp City. I had these awesome plans for 3D manholes, drains, sewer inlets, etc. Then I remembered that I'm lazy. So I popped into photoshop and cranked out some road sections. My loss is your gain!
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
All you need to do is download the PDFs and print them out. I recommend you take them to a copy center (like Staples or Kinkos). Its better to pay a little more money to get them printed for you. If you do it yourself you end up wearing down your own printer and wasting your ink. Plus, you can get them to print it on nice paper or even photo paper.
You can then cut out 6" squares from cardboard, foamcore or MDF. Mine are going to be put on 1/8" foamcore. Its cheap, but it doesn't last as long as MDF. My Pulp scenery is being based on 1/4" MDF, so there will be a bit of a lip around the road.
Thats it. Simple. If you end up doing it for yourself, please send me a picture or link to your webpage. It'll be nice to see my work being used for good (as opposed to the regular evil work).
I'll update as soon as I get the chance to go to Staples and drop a few bucks on prints. =)
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