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I AM SPETZNAZ!... but I'm no longer one of you...
Ok, during a run of Kill Team games at my local game store I wanted to try out a few things for fun. I sat down with my Guard Codex and tried to figure out a 'Killer List'. Lets see... Rough Riders, nope. Hellhound, nope. Couple of Penal Legion squads, nope. Blah! What can I do that would be fun but not really unfair for my opponents? BAM!!! What about Guardsman Marbo? He's friggin' Rambo. Who else would you send into an impossible mission to kill the enemy when you're outnumbered and outgunned? Wait though... I don't think that Rambo is a good choice for me since he kind of was a little Anti-Soviet (and by a little Anti-Soviet, I mean he would kill them). That means I would be hard pressed to use him in my Sovrus Guard army.
Inspiration hits! What about that god awful cheesy 80's action movie with Dolph Lundgren, 'Red Scorpion'. He's sort of a low budget Rambo in that movie, but he's a Russian Spetznaz instead of a US Special Forces soldier. Perfect!
If you don't know the movie, you can look it up on IMDB or even watch it on Youtube if you have the time.
Of course, I can't have my guy just like the one in the movie. Seeing as how he turns on his masters, he would be a bad guy in 40K. =)

Lt. Nikolai Rachenko, The "Red Scorpion"
Image Lieutenant Nikolai Rachenko is one of Sovrus' special purpose commandos, the Spetsnaz, specifically controlled by the Sovrus High Command and Intelligence Services. The primary function of Spetsnaz troops is infiltration and insertion behind enemy lines, usually well before hostilities were scheduled to begin and, once in place, to commit acts of sabotage and the assassination of key enemy leaders and military officers.
His squad was tasked with assassinating the rebel leader Sundata, who was stirring up trouble on a backwater planet that was under a Sovrus "Civic, Culture and Cooperation Plan". Essentially the standard Imperial terror campaign designed to bring a recently discovered human world back into the Imperium's control.
The ten man squad was split up and placed around the troubled areas in order to infiltrate the local rebel organization. Rachenko was inserted into a newly formed Planetary Defense Force Regiment as a "Political Advisor". Once establishing his cover as an Imperial Officer who was unhappy with his placement, he proceeded to get intoxicated on the traditional Sovrus distilled beverage Vodka. Shortly a fist fight with patrons of the Officer's Club that degraded into a minor fire fight had Rachenko placed in the PDF jail with other "Political Malcontents".
He then went to work locating people among the prisoners who would lead him to Sundata. Kintash was one of the rebel leaders who was imprisoned there and was scheduled to be publically executed the next day. Rachenko made quick friends with Kintash and helped organize a limited escape involving a few prisoners along with Kintash. The following pursuit by Imperial and PDF forces saw Rachenko prove his worth to the rebels and he was taken to the hidden camp of Sundata.
At the camp he made his move. In the night he crept into Sundata's bivouac and was poised with his commando knife to deliver the death blow when rebel troopers burst in and captured him. Sundata had him stripped and staked out in the wilderness to die. Sundata hoped the grisly discovery of one of the Imperium's elite soldiers dead of exposure and ravaged by animals would deter any more assassination attempts.
Rachenko was discovered by one of the planets backward stone age tribes. He was covered in stings from the local version of a scorpion and near death. The tribesman, the local witch doctor, nursed him back to health. Rachenko regained his strength while hunting for the tribe. He earned their respect and admiration (not hard considering he was a head taller than most of the tribesmen) and was inducted into their warrior cult. After awakening from the effects of a drug laced sleep inducing concoction he was given during a feast Rachenko discovered a primitive scar tattoo of a scorpion on his chest. Taking this as a sign from the Emperor that he should get back to work, he made his way back to Sundata's camp. During his one man assault on the camp he located an experimental assault rifle that had been stolen from an Adeptus Mechanicus Magos. He then utilized the AO-63 to wipe out the camp and track down Sundata. Several days later he appears in the local Sovrus Intelligence Services HQ with the AO-63 and Sundata's severed head.
Lieutenant Nikolai 'The Red Scorpion' Rachenko now is sent out on missions by the SIS wherever he is needed and least expected.

The Red Scorpion...............65 points
Unit Type       WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Infantry (unique)     Lt. Rachenko 5 5 3 3 2 5 4 7 5+
Special Rules
Fearless, Stealth, Move Through Cover, Hit and Run, Fleet.
Spetznaz: Rachenko does not take orders from local commanders - any order issued to him will automatically fail.
Mark of the Hunter: Rachenko's skill at infiltration is legendary in the Imperial Guard. Rachenko always starts the game in reserve, even in missions that do not normally use this rule. When Rachenko becomes available he is placed anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 1" away from any enemy model. Rachenko may not move or assault in the turn he arrives, although he can shoot normally.
Flak Armour, Frag Grenades, Melta Bombs, Demolition Charge.
AO-63 Assault Rifle: The experimental dual barrel automatic stub gun wielded by Rachenko blasts out a withering hail of fire over short ranges. Due to 'The Red Scorpions' size, he carries this weapon as if it were a mere pistol.
Range Strength AP Type
12" X 2 Pistol, Sniper
The Scorpions' Sting: Rachenko carries a small Sovrus Commando knife coated with deadly scorpion toxin. The Red Scorpions' close combat attacks are Poisoned (2+).

Lets see, the "Red Scorpion" is made up of a few parts. He has Cadian boots to match the rest of the Sovrus. With putty socks sticking out of the top. His legs are from an old Barbarian from the Hero Quest game (the model I had looked like it had been run over by a desk chair, so I didn't feel bad about cutting his legs off). The shorts are green stuff and the upper part of a pair of Catachan legs. His torso is a Catachan torso with (not very good) abs sculpted on in place of a tshirt. The knife is from the Mordheim extras sprue. His left arm is the extended Catchan knife arm with a melta bomb from the Space Marine Devastators set. His right arm is from a few Catachan bits and some putty. The stubgun is made from two old Necromunda stubguns cut up and glued together with plastic barrels and a plastic drum from a 1/48 scale Russian machine gun. His head is a standard Catachan head with the cap built up with putty. To drive home the point of who he is if some people can just place him I put a Forgeworld Red Scorpion shoulder pad on his base. If they don't get it then, I guess I'll have to tell them when they ask. =)
He was fun to do. It took me about 4 hours to cobble him together and sculpt on the bits I had too.
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image CMoN Score
Update 08-21-10: Woo! I went to Games Day as a last minute thing. I wanted to take something to enter into the Golden Daemon (since you got to enter the area early sometimes). Well after picking 'The Red Scorpion' out of my wall case... He made the first cut in 40K Single Miniature!!! Totally stoked over that. I didn't win anything. It was a good shot in the army to my confidence though.
Image Image

"Are you out of your mind?", said Colonel Zayas.
Lt. Nikolai drunkenly replied, "No. Just out of bullets."
Followed with a slight belch.

The Sovrus 123rd Motor Rifles