My Game Table

Here is a work in progress of how I'm bulding my game table.
I was thinking of having some of the guys over to play here instead of at the local store. My hours are a lot more flexable. Then I realized that I have nothing 'good' to play on...

I didn't think of making an article of it until after I had started the work, sorry. Here is the run down from the start. First thing I needed was a solid base to work under my table top. I looked at a few things like trestels, folding tables and the like. I was then trying to figure out how to get them to fit in the same room as my work desk and all my gaming stuff... Duh! Why not just use my work desk? The added bonus to this idea is that I cant treat my desk as a flat storage space. It has to be put away before I go dropping heavy plywood sections on it. =)
So with that in mind I started to work. I took the three pieces of two foot by four foot plywood that I had and penciled out the area that my desk top would have taken up underneath them. Which happened to be a nice 30" by 60". I then took some scrap 2x4's and attached them to the plywood with nails and glue. I butted them up to the outside of the drawn line. MAKE SURE YOU GET THIS PART RIGHT BEFORE YOU START GLUING OR NAILING. I have it so that it is a very snug fit. I don't want the table to slide around once it has my scenery and two armies sitting on it. Last thing you need is something that will act like a catapult when you lean on it or one of the pets wants to see whats going on.
Now once I got to that point I had three sections of plywood that could be pushed around with the table. The one problem I saw was that I couldn't pull the table or slide things around on it toward the short ends. Once I did something like that the table sections would slide. Time for a run to my local hardware super store. I like the 'Blue One' better than the 'Orange One'. I bought two packets of brass draw catches (or you may know them as draw latches). There are thousands of designs out there for them. I went with what ever the store had that was the least expensive.
Those were then screwed into the proper places in order to keep the table sections from separating. I lined them up so that the centerline of the catch was five inches from the outer table edge. That way I didn't have to make sure that the table top had to go together in a set fasion.
Image Image Image

What is next?
I need to paint it and put down my standard green football pitch surface to match my standard terrain. After that I'm going to experiment with adding a strip of Velcro hook around the bottom edge of the table. I'm hoping that when I want to use a different colour, like tan for my mud brick village, I can stretch some painted felt or fleece material over the table and lock it in place. We'll see.
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