Aeronautica Imperialis

For the Greater Good
Tau Air Caste...
For starters. About 500 point for the Imperial and Chaos forces to shoot down.
As usual I've started the ancillary stuff first. In the game you have to have bunkers and objectives for your opponent to blow up. The Tau aren't big on static defences or bunkers so I built a type of premade airdropable science station. Its a pretty simple build made from a large 40mm base, a 25mm base, some plastic tubing, a Tau drone body and a shield generator from the Crisis Suits. I then dug around in my Tau bits box and found a few extras to cut up for antennae. Looks like I won't have the same one for the six bunkers I'm going to build, but I figure that will designate what the buildings do.
Sorry, its not painted very well. Its sort of a test piece/experiment.
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I have a whole bunch of stuff to paint for a tournament in a few weeks. =(
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For the tournament I managed to finish the jets, but not the Manta or the Bunkers. Oh well... maybe next year. =)
Thanks to Silvester, Jeniffer and Douglas! They drove through southbound summer traffic for two hours to play with us. We literally couldn't have had it without them.
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On the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy, a new race has emerged to challenge the might of the Imperium of Man and the other established species in the 41st millennium. They are the Tau, a surprisingly advanced race that has organized itself around a single guiding principle known as "the Greater Good."
By setting aside individualism to serve the needs of society as a whole, the Tau have developed and expanded at an astounding rate. In just over 6,000 years, they evolved from savannah-dwelling primitives to space-faring colonists.
This unhindered progress has given the Tau confidence that there is no obstacle that their society and their science cannot overcome. Indeed, they believe that they can help the rest of the galaxy find their way to peace and prosperity. All the other species must do is accept the Greater Good and obey the Ethereals, the mysterious Tau leaders.