Warhammer 40,000

Imperial Reaver Battle Titan
Oh boy! I bought this guy why back in the last millennium. The dust was so thick on this guy when I dragged him out of storage that I had to take soap and water to him.
First I have a work in progress shot of the whole model assembled. (This guy is actually held together with quarter inch bolts for articulation).
The legs, I didn't want the same static model that all the other Titan guys have. So when I first started working on this model, about a million years ago, I cut the right leg at the hip and knee. The whole knee joint was remade out of cardboard and putty. I guess if I were to restart this project with a new Reaver today the knee would be made of putty and plastic. The lower end of the thigh has to have putty added to look like the left leg. The hip joint will also need some work to make it look like the other side.
The torso gets the most work. The Warhounds from Forgeworld are very very complex. SO I want my old guy to stand up to the new whipper-snappers. So I'm adding some custom scroll-work, pipes, riveted metal-work and some eagle wings. The rear end is going to get built up to look more like a plasma reactor.
The head didn't get much in the way of modification. I like it the way it is. Just a green stuff decoration.
The carapace gets similar decorations as the head. The multiple missile launcher will also get some treatment.
The right and left shoulder guards will also get green stuff arrow head decorations.
The chain-fist will be "cooled" up too. I have no idea what to do right now though.
The plasma blastgun won't get much done to it. It's going to have a banner hung from the bottom. If you look close you can see the lugs it will hang from.
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Update 11/18/07: Ok, I have done a lot of work to this guy. For a few weeks I spent all my spare time getting him together. I have the legs finished and I now have a second Plasma Blastgun. Woo! Not only does this guy pump out a cloverleaf blast template with five dice he also gets four seven inch templates or two ten inch templates. Nice! Pictures up coming before the end of time. I promise.
Update 12/4/07: Some new pictures before I start painting. You can see his new "Codpiece" and leg adornment. The bar with the two loops under his crotch is for the center "Legion" Banner. Also good news... for me, not my opponents. I managed to pick up a blackmarket copy of the Plasma Blastgun!!! He now has up to five big arse pie plates o'doom.
Image Image Image
Update 12/6/07: Ladies and Gents! With Bling in the same measure as Boom, I give you Pimp-Bot!!! Well, maybe not. This is step one in my experiment. We'll see how it works out folks.
Update 5/27/08: Work in progress updates. Not a lot finished but the head.
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Once the Tech-Priests had built their first temples on Mars and established the Tech-Guard to protect them, they also laid the basis for an offensive military arm for the Cult Mechanicus, the Titan Legions. They created weapons capable of functioning in the hostile environment now found on their planet. The vast fighting machines they built were Titans. These gigantic constructions are unlike anything ever seen on Earth, towering humanoid shaped weapons of destruction powered by plasma, or fusion, reactors and carrying mighty engines of destruction. On a world as barren as Mars now was the Titans could stride effortlessly over the hostile landscape where mere troopers of the Skitarii would be engulfed in the poisonous wastes and choking dust of the Martian deserts. Since that time the Titan Legions have formed the backbone of the armies of the Cult Mechanicus. Now, as a part of the Imperium of Mankind, they serve the Emperor.