Shambling death.
Its Halloween!!!
I spent a while looking around the internet trying to find a non-GW game to use for a "Zombie Invasion" game. There are TONS of them out there people. I figured that I was on a wild goose chase. Boy was I wrong. Seems I stumbled onto a niche game. So after checking them out, I picked Dead Walk Again.
Planned Movement Production (the guys in Sweden who created DWA) did a great job on the rules. One of the best things is the price... FREE! How much cooler than that can you get? The rules are at the nice point of balance between simple and fun. Its an action points based system. Going to see how it plays to an audience for Halloween.

I'm going to have about 10 "Survivors" for players to use. Five Military guys in MOPP suits (the ones I already have painted up in yellow) and five "civilians". Now for the Zombies... I spent as much time looking for zombie miniatures as I did looking for rules. There are a lot of models out there too. Everything from real horrible ones that look like they are made from Playdoh up to ones that look like something out of a George Romero movie shrunk down to 28mm. Now, I obviously didn't want the Playdoh ones (shudder) and didn't want to have to go to all the trouble of painting the Romero style ones well... What to do. Then I happened to be looking at the West Wind Productions website for their alternate WWII heads and found these bad boys under the Road Kill line. Just what I was looking for! They aren't the squishy rotty dead guys I didn't want to paint, they are the newly dead pissed off "28 Days Later" dead guys. Sweet! I can use them as the normal ones in the DWA rules or give them as many action points as the "Survivors" to make them into the Rage Virus type zombie.
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Scenery First Game Action
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Future Stuff
A little project for the Zombie game is a little animated road sign. You know the kind (at least in the US). Those big orange or yellow rusty monsters on the side of the road surrounded by cones, Jersey barriers and Teamsters leaning on shovels drinking coffee. I've been drinking Diet Pepsi and collecting those Pepsi Points for a while. I used a whole bunch on movies I didn't want to rent or pick up in the cheap bin in Walmart (there are some real bad movies in there). I just happened to notice that they had these little LCD picture keychains and my brain went "BAM!". A little photoshop magic to make the actual images and I have a starting point. The viewing angle on it sucks (only about 5 degrees off of center) and there is a stupid counter on the top right corner. Well, I shouldn't complain since I got it for drinking soda.
''Nobody believes in zombies. Nobody. Right? I mean come on... Thats just fiction and voodoo crap.''
''Sure man. I guess all these half decomposed people that are eating anything that moves are realy just imaginary. Pull yourself together and keep loading those shotguns, idiot.''